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Strath Tirry to Badanloch Tracks is our Heritage Path of the month for February 2023, click here to view the details

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Start from the A836, 8km north of Lairg near Dalmichy where there is a bridge over Feith Osdail. Go E along a track for 6km to Dalnessie far up the River Brora, then go N along a path up this river for 3½km to a confluence of streams. Continue up the western stream, the Allt Gobhlach, and keep going N over a flat featureless col and down the Allt Coire na Fearna to the head of Loch Choire. Continue along the lochside (both the north and the south side of the loch have paths) to Loch Choire Lodge and then go E along a private road to Gearnsary and past Loch an Alltan Fhearna and the south end of Loch Badanloch to the B871 road 6km west of Kinbrace on the A897, where there is a station with a rather infrequent train service.

A shorter alternative is to start at Crask Inn, further north and also on the A836. Follow the path through the Bealach Easach to Loch a’ Bhealaich and Loch Choire. Then follow the route as described above.

OS Landranger 16 (Lairg & Loch Shin) & 17 (Helmsdale & Strath of Kildonan)

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