Solicitor Search Enquiries

Solicitor Search Enquiries

Catalogue of Rights of Way Search

This service is for solicitors, developers, consultants and those people wanting to know whether our records show any rights of way running across a piece of land. It is a paid service.

Using the service

We need your full contact details, including a postal address for invoicing purposes. We will email our report to you. If you would prefer a postal response, please confirm when requesting the search.

For each separate site you are enquiring about we need:-

• full postal address of the property you are interested in;
• the grid reference for the centre of the site;
• a plan on a scale between 1:10,000 and 1:50,000 with your site clearly outlined.

We will NOT start your search until you have provided us with the information we require in the correct format. Where we find information is missing, we will ask you for it. If we do not receive the necessary information within 3 months of your initial enquiry, we will assume you no longer need the information and will cancel your search request. In this case any advance payments will be treated as recompense for work already carried out.

What is provided

You will receive

  • a map of your search location on a 1:50,000 scale base marked up with any rights of way recorded in the Catalogue of Rights of Way that cross, or are close to, your site of interest. Where we do not record any routes you will not receive a map.
  • mapped information about any heritage paths and any Scottish Hill Track routes passing through or close to your site.
  • a standard guidance note on where to look for information on other types of access that may exist across your site, but which is not recorded by ScotWays.


This service costs £133 + VAT for an area of up to 150 square kilometres. Larger areas or complex search areas will incur extra charges and you will be notified of these before we start work on your request.


An invoice will be sent to you along with your search results. We prefer payment by BACS and our bank account details will be included on your invoice. If you need the invoice to be sent to your accounts or finance department, please supply the relevant contact details when instructing the search. If you require a purchase order number or specific reference to be quoted on our invoice, please include it with your application. Not doing so may affect how quickly we deal with any future search request from you.

Please note all invoices must be paid within 30 days of the date of invoice.  Where invoices remain outstanding after 30 days we reserve the right to refuse new requests until all outstanding debts are cleared.


All enquiries will be responded to within 10 working days of receipt. This period will only start once we have received everything that we need, in the correct format, to allow us to undertake your search.

Download a Search Application form