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For those who walk in from Braemar to the Linn of Dee, the public road could be taken, but our surveyor recommends that instead paths through the Morrone Birkwood be followed to a conifer plantation at its west end which has stiles at entry and exit before meeting the public road just east of Corriemulzie. The walker can then continue by Mar Lodge to Linn of Dee avoiding the worst of any traffic.

From Linn of Dee to the Geldie Burn a good estate track exists. At the Geldie Burn there is no longer any bridge. After this serious river crossing, a rougher track and footpath (avoiding further river crossings) leads to the ruins of Bynack Lodge. From there a track leads on for about 1km then becomes a footpath leading as far as the watershed. From there a clear path, leads to just south of the Bedford Memorial Bridge at the Falls of Tarf where a reasonable estate track is met. This continues to Auchgobhal where this old right of way rises out of the glen as a grassy track until Kincraigie farm from where a farm road and tarred public road lead to Blair Atholl.

This route is a serious undertaking with a potentially difficult remote river crossing near the north end.

The route is cycleable on good tracks except for the section between the Tarf and the Geldie where bikes will often have to be wheeled or carried. For a taster of part of the route, here’s Ben Dolphin’s video story of his bike ride from Blair Atholl to the Falls of Tarf and back again, with lots of history shared along the way.

OS Landranger 43 (Braemar & Blair Atholl)

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