On this day, 5 April, in 1884, the Scottish Rights of Way and Recreation Society Limited held its first meeting at its registered office in George Street, Edinburgh. The main reason for the change from the Association for the Protection of Public Rights of Roadway in Scotland was to protect the membership from the potentially high costs of any litigation.  The Association was not a limited company which meant that, should it lose a court case, every member could be liable to cover the costs.  The amount they might have to contribute was unlimited. The new Society was a limited company meaning each member, though still potentially liable, had his or her liability limited to a maximum sum of £1.

The meeting saw Prof Nicholson of the University of Edinburgh appointed Honorary Secretary, JGR MacDonald Acting Secretary and John Harrison Honorary Treasurer.  Along with Adam Black (the son of Lord Provost Adam Black), WA Smith and John Bartholomew, the directors included two Advocates, three solicitors, one MP and the Provost of Dundee!