ScotWays is seeking help in checking the condition of our cast iron signs.

ScotWays is appealing for information about the condition of our historic cast iron signs.

Over the years ScotWays has installed thousands of recreational signposts throughout Scotland. Many signposts date back to the 1880s and are thought to be the first signposts in the world designed purely for recreational users. Their well-known green and white style has been adopted as a standard for recreational signposts throughout the UK and elsewhere. Up until the 1950s these signs were constructed of cast iron, and these have proved to be much more durable than modern signs, though many of them now need repair. We are recording the current locations and condition of these signs and will take action to refurbish and protect them. We hope to place them on the Sites and Monuments Record to give recognition to their historical significance.

If you see any of our older signs please get in touch with us, either by email, or post to 24 Annandale Street, Edinburgh EH4 3UA. Please let us know where you saw the sign (grid ref if pos) and the condition of both the sign and the pole. Photographs would be very helpful – preferably electronic.