As part of our work at ScotWays we comment on planning applications all over Scotland where we think there may be an adverse impact on public access. When making our comments we often refer to the Scottish Government’s planning policy documents, such as Scottish Planning Policy 11 – Open Space and Physical Activity, which includes the key phrase “Access rights and core path plans are material considerations in determining applications for planning permission”.

ScotWays recently submitted detailed comments to the Scottish Government in response to their consultation on the proposal to replace 17 existing planning policies, covering different issues, with a single, more concise, Scottish Planning Policy (SPP). In some respects we think that the proposed new Policy does not give sufficient protection to public access or to protection of the landscape which is of vital importance for enjoyment of the outdoors. We have made a number of suggestions for revisions of the draft Policy to deal with these issues.

The consultation period closed on 24th June and we await the outcome with interest. If you would like to view our full response, you can download the complete document from this website, just click on the ‘Downloads’ tab above. If you would like to read more about the SPP consultative draft, visit