Local Authorities also have information about walks and places to visit on their websites, plus up-to-date information related to Covid-19. Check out your local authority’s website and search out the local hidden gems.  

There are some ideas here:

Argyll and Bute Council

Moray Council

Clackmannanshire Council 

Walk Scottish Borders

Highland Council Countryside Rangers

Midlothian Council

Core Path Plans

Each local authority and national park authority are required to create and publish a plan of core paths in their area. Here’s the Dumfries and Galloway Core Paths one.  You should be able to find the one for your local authority or national park authority on their website.  Some are interactive and some not.  You can get an overview of all the core paths in Scotland on the NatureScot website.

National Parks

If you want to visit the National Parks, they have guidance about where to go, and more importantly, where not to go. They also have the latest information online, including live updates on car parks and toilet facilities.

Cairngorm National Park Covid Guidance

Loch Lomond National Park Covid Guidance