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Happy New Year from ScotWays. It's time for our January Sale!

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Happy New Year to one and all!

You might like to start 2018 with a bargain. If that is so, why not take a look at our Christmas cards, now on offer at £3.00 for our designs for a pack of ten? If you're quick, you'll be ready for next Christmas!

We still have one new design on offer:

- Castle Stalker, Appin

Our notecards are also reduced to £3.00!

It may also interest you to know that our Law Guide is still available at half price - £5, down from £10.
Last, but not least, please don't forget that our book Scottish Hill Tracks is available to ScotWays members at a discounted rate of £15 (rrp £18).

Postage is a flatrate of £1.80 (UK) no matter how much you order from our webshop, so why not take a look at what else we sell? We stock publications by Friends of the Pentlands and the Hallewell pocket walking guides. Every purchase supports our work.

Many thanks for your continuing support,

ScotWays Signposting Survey. The Results are in!

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At the end of October 2017, we launched a survey to find out what people thought about our signposting work.

ScotWays has been signposting rights of way and other paths across Scotland since it started in 1845.  Times have changed and today many different people and organisations are also signposting paths so it was time for us to consider our role in signposting.  The survey asked for views ranging from what type of paths should be signed to what colours we should use on the signs.  213 responded, all their answers were anonymised and the results brought together into the report the ScotWays Signposting Survey.

So what did respondents say?  92% of people had seen one of our signs in the countryside and 91% thought we should be maintaining all our signs.  There was unanimous support for keeping our green and white colour scheme and putting our name on all our signs.  Whilst there was a preference that we only signpost rights of way, respondents were very much split with 52% saying rights of way only.  Of those that suggested signing other routes core paths and heritage paths predominated.  Not everyone wanted signs and some said all those present should be taken down as they are "a blight on the landscape".

The survey asked whether we should develop our own unique style of sign.  Whilst respondents were in favour of this, there was an overwhelming view that the mix of sign styles out there did not matter and that repair and refurbishment were more important than developing a unique style.  In fact, many felt that the green and white signs were our brand and so unique in themselves that nothing more special was needed.  A lot of love was shown for our older signs which date back to 1885 and many people commented on how helpful our roadside signs are.  "A door opening to a new adventure".

One unexpected consequence of the survey was the number of people who chose to say thank you for the work that ScotWays does. Unexpected, but very welcome thank you.  Thank you too for taking the time to complete our survey and giving us your views.


You can find all the survey results in the ScotWays Signposting Survey.


Christmas and New Year at ScotWays

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The ScotWays office will close on Friday 22nd December 2017 and re-open on Wednesday 10th January 2018.

General rights of way and access enquiries: We are working hard to answer as many enquiries as possible before Christmas, but unfortunately as we are very busy at present some of you may have to wait until the New Year to receive a response.

ScotWays webshop: Once the office is closed, we will not be processing any more orders until we re-open in the New Year. The good news is that there'll probably then be a sale offer on our remaining Christmas cards!

Rights of way searches for solicitors, land managers and developers: We aim to respond to all formal search requests within 5 working days of receiving them in our office, unless another deadline has been agreed. As our office will be closed for two-and-a-half weeks over Christmas and New Year, any search request received after 5pm on Friday 15th December 2017 may not be completed until after we re-open on 10th January 2018. If your search request is urgent, please contact us before we close for the holidays to discuss when we will be able to complete it. 

Office volunteers: The office will be closed for two-and-a-half weeks over Christmas and the New Year, so please take a well-earned break! Very many thanks for all your hard work, we look forward to seeing you in 2018.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at ScotWays!

Cairnbank Road, Penicuik - Further Update

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Although the hearing for this case in Edinburgh Sheriff Court was set down to take a week, it appears to be taking much longer than anticipated. ScotWays understands that it has now been set down for another week from 8th to 12th January 2018 and there will be a further hearing after that, the date for which will be decided in January.

The ScotWays Signposting Survey

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ScotWays has been signposting rights of way since it started in 1845.  The biggest push was probably between 1995-2006 where over 2,000 signs were installed. 


Today signposting is being undertaken by many organisations, including local communities and landowners.  Access authorities alone have signposted 12,341 km of the core paths in Scotland (57%).


Given the increasing signposting work done by others should ScotWays still signpost paths?  If it does still signpost routes, which are the ones it should signpost?  Are the types of signpost used today still the correct ones to use?


The time has come for ScotWays to consider its part in the signposting process and we wanted to know what you thought.  Our survey has now closed, but check back after our AGM to see what people told us.


George MacQuarrie

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We are sad to note the passing of George MacQuarrie, on 27 June 2017. George was our previous National Secretary, retiring from ScotWays in 2014. There will be a tribute to George in our annual report later this year. His wife, Edith, and family are in our thoughts.