ScotWays AGM 2020

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This year our AGM will be held virtually on Saturday 21 November 2020.  On this page, you will find information about the AGM along with any documentation you will need for the event.


In a change to previous years, we will be starting with our speaker who will then be followed by the AGM.  We are also starting in the morning as people don't need to travel to join us.

10:30 Speaker, John Homes Robertson will talk about The Rev A. E. Robertson, 1870-1958; the First Munro 'Compleater'; a Director of the Scottish Rights of Way Society from 1923; and the Man who "Knew Too Much" About Highland Rights of Way.

John Home Robertson was educated at Ampleforth College and West of Scotland Agricultural College. A Berwickshire farmer, he was Labour MP and MSP for East Lothian until he retired in 2007. He is now an active volunteer for Edinburgh Direct Aid, most recently with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and also an amateur archaeologist and his researches into family history brought to light his connection with the Rev A E Robertson. ‘AER’ was also a Director of ScotWays from 1923, Chairman from 1931, and the first Hon President from 1946, so a key ScotWays activist, well worthy of being remembered in our 175th year.

11:00 AGM

AGM The Formal Agenda:

1. Apologies.

2. Minutes of the previous AGM.

3. To receive the Report of the Directors.

4. To receive the accounts.

5. To appoint the Directors.

David Dixon and Douglas Wright have completed their three-year terms of office as a director and are not eligible for re-election, both having served three terms. 

Muriel Robertson and Katharine Taylor have each completed a three-year term of office as a director but are eligible and willing to stand for re-election, having served fewer than three terms. 

6. In addition to those standing for re-appointment, the Directors recommend the appointment of Stephan Hennig, Helene Mauchlen and Tim Simons.

7. To appoint the Independent Examiner of the Accounts 

8. Our 175th Anniversary activities

9. ScotWays in action – what we’ve been doing and how you can get involved

10. AOCB


Click on the links to open the relevant papers in a new window.

Draft Minutes of the 2019 AGM

Report of the Directors


Proxy Voting Form.

If you can't make the meeting you can still vote!  Download the Proxy Voting Form, complete it and return it by 18 November 2020 to have your say!

Proxy Voting Form (Word)

Proxy Voting Form (pdf)