Phase 1 of Lockdown Easing and Outdoor Access

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Today, Friday 29 May, sees Scotland moving into the Phase 1 of the Scottish Government Road Map for relaxing lockdown.  What does this mean for outdoor access?

As during the lockdown, there are no restrictions to the use of rights of way, core paths or the right of access to land.  However, there are controls on what people may do.

Phase 1 sees an increase in the reasons for which you may leave your house and the activities in which you may participate. You can do things like golf, hill walk, horse ride and cycling, activities where you do not need to come into physical contact with others. You can meet people outdoors, whether in a public place or private garden, but only from one other household at a time and in groups of no more than 8.  You must remain socially distant and must not go into people’s houses.

There is a preference for walking, cycling and wheeling (wheelchair use) for travelling to your recreation place rather than using a car and people are asked to stay roughly within five miles of their residence.  Public transport and car use are discouraged. People are asked to think carefully before visiting popular areas and be flexible about their plans if they find their intended destination is busy. Be aware that facilities such as toilets and cafes will be closed, so please plan accordingly.

You can find out the full list of changes in the Scottish Government guidance document Coronavirus (COVID-19): staying at home and away from others (physical distancing)  In all cases, you must follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code on your outdoor journeys.