ScotWays has secured funding towards a new Lammermuirs project – producing a new Lammermuirs map leaflet in conjunction with signposting work. The access officers of both East Lothian and Scottish Borders Councils have been very supportive and indeed the Councils are also contributing both in cash and in kind.

Some years ago, we produced a map leaflet ‘Hill Tracks in the Lammermuirs’ which is now virtually out of print.  We are hoping to produce a new, updated version of the leaflet, and also combine this with improved signage in the area.

The intention is that the new map leaflet should include not only the Scottish Hill Tracks routes across the Lammermuirs, which were the focus of the previous version, but also shorter and circular routes onto and around the hills to appeal to a wider audience interested in enjoying the area but who lack the time, inclination or the ability to tackle a longer or linear journey.

This is where you come in! We need your help with the signposting work.  The first step is to verify where the signs and waymarks are – our records may not be 100% accurate – and establish what condition they are now in. We would also like to know where you feel that extra signage would be useful. Once we know the full picture, we can then move on to refurbishing or restoring old signs and installing new ones as required.

If you are walking in the Lammermuirs, you can help us by taking a photograph of any signs you see and send them to us with a note of where you saw each one, ideally with the grid reference. Please send them to with Lammermuirs map as the subject. You can also download a Signage Report Form, which you can use when out on the paths, and can then post in to us. Please also view these brief instruction guidelines when using the form.

Your help will be very much appreciated as part of this exciting project.