Where can I cycle?

Cycling towards West Lomond, Fife by Richard Barron

Any land where access rights apply you can ride your bicycle, subject to you riding responsibly by following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Can I cycle on a core path? #

Yes. All core paths are covered by access rights so as long as you ride responsibly and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code you are good to go. 

Can I cycle on a right of way? #

If the right of way is either a core path or crosses land where access rights are in operation then you can cycle on it as long as you do so responsibly

If the right of way is not a core path or does not pass through land where access rights apply then you can only cycle along it if it’s a right of way for horses, often called a bridleway or bridle path, or if there are rights for vehicles, or there are rights for cycling either because of historic use or because it has been designated as a cycle track. 

Where can I find out more about cycling in Scotland. #

Visit the Cycling UK in Scotland website or the Developing Mountain Biking In Scotland website and in particular their Ride Guide

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