Surveys of Rights of Way, Access and Procedures 1980-1989

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These are not guidebooks about which path to follow or what hills to climb, these are books that cover the management and development of outdoor access.

Publications are grouped by subject area and then by decade.

Each entry follows the same layout and is organised thus:

Author, (Year of publication), Title, Publisher, followed by a paragraph about the book. This may be the advertising paragraph from the book cover or a short review.

Where possible a weblink is included, but some of the publications are not available online so you will need to use your favourite bookseller to get a copy. Some are no longer in print so you may need to go to a real bricks and mortar library to find a copy.

Aitken Dr R (1984) Scottish Mountain Footpaths A Reconnaissance Review of their Conditions.  Countryside Commission for Scotland.  ISBN 0 902226 74 6 #

The Countryside Commission for Scotland initiated a footpath management project aimed at improving skills in the construction and repair of hill paths. In order to provide a background to this project, Dr Robert Aitken was commissioned to undertake a reconnaissance review of the condition of a selection of popular hill paths.

The aim was to gain a broad impression of the extent and nature of change on such paths and not, at this stage, to analyse particular problems on individual paths or to prescribe solutions. The Commission expects that Dr Aitken’s report will be of wide interest and is publishing it as a contribution to the discussion about the management of mountain paths. The conclusions and suggestions for action are Dr Altken’s, not the Commission’s, but the Commission will be drawing from them in developing its future work in this field.

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