SECTION 2: Central & South-West Borders

Here you will find all the changes and corrections to the fifth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks that we are aware of. You will also find the views of people such as horse riders as to which routes are easiest to use.

ROUTE 11 Eskdalemuir to Craik (and Hawick or Roberton)

16/8/2017  It was reported by cyclists trying to go from Eskdalemuir to Craik that at point NT 267 007  they found no path or track only felled forest which was very rutted. They were forced to turn back.

ROUTE 17 Drumelzier to St Mary’s Loch

A horse rider has reported: An excellent riding route to do after a spell of dry weather.  Some nasty bogs on the top rule this out if the ground is wet.

ROUTE 18 Broughton to Stobo and Peebles

A horse rider has reported: Excellent route for riders.  Well waymarked.  Horses should not use the walkers’ bridges but it is easy to go round or through the small ditches and burns.

ROUTE 19 Stobo to Manor Valley

A horse rider has reported: The first part of this route is an excellent ride. The next section from Glenrath not recommended for horses as it is very steep, rough and boggy.

ROUTE 20 Peebles to Cappercleuch (St Mary’s Loch) by the Manor Valley

In line 7 ‘turns E’ should be ‘turns W’.

A horse rider has reported: The bridge at NT216355 needs checking.  Some sections of this track often wired off.  The track from Manor Head is ride-able, though the Manor side is quite boggy, especially at the Megget/Manor march, and the Megget side very stony.

ROUTE 23 Traquair to Yarrow Valley

A horse rider has reported: Can be rather boggy near Glengaber.

ROUTE 24 Traquair to Yarrowford or Selkirk by Minch Moor

Line 9 NT410318 should be NT420318.

ROUTE 26 Ashiestiel to Broadmeadows

Line 3 NT350430 should be NT430350.

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