SECTION 15: West Mounth & Sidlaw Hills

Here you will find all the changes and corrections to the fifth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks that we are aware of. You will also find the views of people such as horse riders as to which routes are easiest to use

ROUTE 174 Dunkeld to Kirkmichael by Lochan Oisinneach Mor

A report received in July 2013 about the route north of Lochan Oisinneach identified the following: From Lochan Oisinneach take a path northwards to a gate in a wall at NO 043567. From this point there is a well-signed path with several signposts to Kirkmichael but at the beginning it is not on an Explorer or Landranger map. At NO 047574 turn left to join the track from Pitcarmick Loch, which is on Explorer Map No 387 but not on the Landranger Map No 53, but at NO 055583 the path appears in the Landranger map No 53. As it says in the Scottish Hill Tracks there is no evidence on the ground of the path from Lochan Oisinneach to Mains of Glenderby NO 040596, which appears in the Explorer Map 387 and in the Landranger Map No 53. I can confirm this from ploughing through bogs to look for it! After joining the path from Pitcarmick Loch the path is obvious but the next signpost is a considerable distance at NO 073583 where the route turns left and leaves the path on the map and follows a well signed route through new metal gates in the fences and past a ruined croft (Upper Balchrochan), and down to Balchrochan NO 080591 just off the Cateran Trail. If you carry straight on at this sign NO 073583 and follow the path on the maps you come out on the Cateran Trail at Delvey NO 083573. The new finger signpost indicating the route to Dunkeld from Kirkmichael is on the Cateran Trail on the right side of a bend in the gravel road going south NO 080591, one kilometre south of Kirkmichael.

ROUTE 176 Blairgowrie to Kirkmichael

The Start Point should be NO180453 not NO150448.

ROUTE 178 Aldclune (Killiecrankie) to Kirkmichael by Glen Girnag

Line 4. NN927653 should be NN929655.

ROUTE 180 Kirkmichael to Upper Glen Tilt by Glen Fearnach

The Finish Point should be NO986798 not NO986796.

ROUTE 184 Alyth to Glenshee and Kirkmichael

Line 8. The ‘telephone box’ should read ‘telephone exchange’.

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