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Southwest of Little Vantage* (A70), a signpost indicates the route to West Linton. The path descends to cross the Water of Leith (footbridge), then climbs gradually to the Cauldstane Slap, the pass between West Cairn and East Cairn Hills. 1km south of the pass, the path becomes a track which goes down to Baddinsgill Reservoir, from the south end of which a road continues down to West Linton, first crossing an old Roman Road later used as the road to Biggar.

From West Linton, take the B7059 southeast by Broomlee to the Moffat (A701) road, cross and go along the adjacent farm road southwest for 800m. Then go uphill by Romanno House Farm and southeast over the hill to Fingland Burn by a broad grassy track. On the south of Green Knowe at NT186462 take the lower track and at NT188461 (where a track leads round the hill to Fingland) take the footpath through a gate into the forest, across the stream and east through the forest to Greenside (or Courhope). From there go uphill and in about 270m leave the main track by taking the right-hand fork to cross a forest ride and continue up over the hill, descending to Upper and then (along the Old Post Road) to Nether Stewarton. From there go east to the Lyne road and then south along it for about 500m, then turn left on the road to Upper Kidston. There, take a left to cross the stream and go round north and east of Hamilton Hill to a broad track leading to Peebles.

This route is almost entirely accessible to horse riders and cyclists as most of it forms part of the South of Scotland Countryside Trails (SoSCT) network. The fence in the middle of the Cauldstane Slap marks a local authority boundary and, although there is a gate, from that point north the route is less accessible. However improvements have been made to this section’s accessibility, so for the latest information visit the SoSCT website.

The Cross Borders Drove Road continues as an SoSCT promoted trail using parts of the Gypsy Glen Drove Road and the Minchmoor Track.

*It is now feasible to reach the start of the walk at Little Vantage from Kirknewton. Head south from Kirknewton along the Leyden Road under the railway bridge and past Latch Farm. After about a mile and a half, there is a small car park on right for Selm Muir Wood. A prominent fingerpost indicates the way to the Thieves Road and West Linton. Taking the track into the forest for 500m, turn left at a fingerpost, leaving the edge of wood and into a field. The farm track first drops down and then rises to Leyden Farm, where you will see the Hilly Coo Wigwams. Bear right around the farm complex, turn right (NT100633) up the waymarked track past a modern house and into a large field. Take track up and across a field to a gate with guide post (NT101638).  Follow waymarked route around small disused quarry and across rough grassland to the Little Vantage car park.

OS Landranger 65 (Falkirk & West Lothian), 72 (Upper Clyde Valley) and 73 (Peebles, Galashiels & surrounding area) 

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