We’d like to update our members on the current situation regarding the Borders Railway and Crichton-Borthwick Right of Way.

There had been issues resulting from the construction of the Borders Railway regarding a missing metal kissing gate for walkers. The Crichton to Borthwick Right of Way was closed temporarily under the Waverley Act 2005. The necessary gates and fencing have now been completed, and the closure has been lifted.

The deer fence can now be crossed by a stile, funded by Midlothian Council as the quickest way to resolve the problem. Waymarking the entire route will be completed on Monday 23 May. A guide to the amended route will be posted on the website soon thereafter. Note that there is a muddy section west of the railway line.

John Pope, one of our directors, has kindly produced notes on the description of the route with guidelines for use.