The Sign at Coylumbridge

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Did you see this gorgeous sign, in the trees at the northern end of the Lairig Ghru that you passed on yesterdays part of our Stravaig?

It’s been there a while. It was first installed by Walter Smith and his deputation in July 1885.  That sign was not too different to the one there today but had red letters on a dark background.

In the early I920s, the Society looked for a new signpost supplier.  After detailed discussions with the Royal Label Factory at Stratford Upon Avon, the final design for this type of sign was for a plate 27” x 7 I/2”, 3/8” deep and weighing 20Ibs. The 3” Tee steel post weighed 971bs and the two, plate and post, cost £2. 0. 6d. Surprisingly, this was cheaper than a wooden one the Society had installed near Callander. 

Included in the second-order for signs was this one, a replacement for the original,  for Coylumbridge. It reached Aviemore by train on 16 July 1925 via London, Midland & Scottish Railways. With black letters on a white background, it was installed by B Maclachlan, Carpenter, under the watchful eye of our Director Arthur Russell.  Why was a replacement needed? The files don’t say.

In 2011, the sign was refurbished and a fracture in the plate repaired before it was repainted with white letters on a green background, just like our other signs. 

Next time you pass on your way to Loch Morlich or Cairngorm,  keep an eye out for this sign - it’s been asserting a right of way for a very long time and is our oldest sign still guiding people along their way!