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Tartanry - the excessive use of tartan and other Scottish imagery to produce a distorted sentimental view of Scotland and its history.  

During the Victorian era, avid readers of Sir Walter Scott were inspired to visit Scotland in their droves as the railways made travel easier than ever before. Among the influx of visitors to Scotland’s newfound tourism industry were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who were bowled over by the beauty of the Scottish uplands. Their fondness of Scotland and royal residency at Balmoral has left a lasting influence on Scottish land use today with upland hunting estates being a key Scottish land use. As these shooting estates developed, Scots saw changes in their traditional homeland and access issues increased.  

Take for example the tale of Miss MacGregor which WAS recorded on his travels. A tenant farmer of Achallater near Braemar, Miss MacGregor took an annual visit to Clova on business. On one such occasion, however, her path was interrupted by ghillies and she was told she must turn back the way she came. Unphased by this, Miss MacGregor demanded to be taken to the lessee of the shootings, to whom she intimated that unless a full apology was given, she would immediately adopt legal proceedings. And that it was!